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I’m Jan and I don’t talk about this much, but my first blog failed.

Looking back, I didn’t really have a plan for it: I just dove in, trusted my instincts, and hoped for the best.

Despite putting tons of time & dedication into it, almost no one read it and I made almost no money :cry:

For my next Blog, I was more humble:

I bought a bunch of expensive courses (about $1,500 total! :sweat_smile:) & found a mentor to learn the secrets I could from successful Bloggers who’ve actually made money.

It was an expensive education, but worth it:

➜ Once I had a real plan, my 2nd Blog made more than $1,000 in its first month! :heart_eyes:

It’s only gotten better from there: I now work from my blog at home or anywhere! :palm_tree:

Finally I have the freedom & peace of mind that I spent 10+ years searching for. Now I truly have time for my family & passions, and I don’t lose sleep over my next paycheck. :raised_hands:

I considered selling my own how to blog course, BUT I realized I want everyone to reach the freedom I have:

➜ Instead, I wrote this free guide for you with *everything* that's actually worked for me.

Anyone with some focus can do this, and your own motivation is truly the only obstacle.

Wherever possible, I’ve pointed out the pitfalls I fell into before & how you can avoid them.

The only $ cost to starting your blog is web hosting & even that’s super-cheap these days.

Ready to start your blog? Get started for just $2.95/month (70% sale discount!) with my link here. Currently includes a free domain name! I'm honestly not sure how long much longer this sale discount will last.

Start your Blog with Bluehost

➜ Here are my 7 steps to starting a Blog that makes money & replaces your day job:

1. How to truly commit to starting your new Blog

2. My no-stress way to choose your Blog’s focus

3. Easily set up your Blog’s hosting & domain in less than 10 minutes

4. Exactly how to publish your first Blog post!

5. Make it your own: Customizing your Blog’s look & feel

6. Earning your first $1000 on your Blog

7. Building an audience for your Blog

Below, I’ve explained each step as simply as possible & added tons of screenshots to help. Join the 100s people who use my guide everyday: Let’s go! :sunglasses:

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Step 1. Truly commit to starting your blog!

Here’s exactly how to truly commit to starting your new Blog:

It sounds annoying, but truly the first step is making a commitment to yourself.

Today is the day I step forward & start the Blog I’ve been thinking about to make the life I want.

Are you alone in regretting not starting a blog 5 years ago & not being a famous blogging name by now? Of course not.

If you didn’t dive in 5 years ago, the next best day to start is Today.

Step 2. Think about your Blog’s focus & name

It’s important not to get anxious about your Blog’s name & focus.

Luckily, you don’t need the perfect answer now.

In fact, I recommend you start a personal blog where you can post about lots of different things.

As you develop your blog & voice over time, a focus will naturally become more clear, based on what’s satisfying for you & what your readers respond to.

(Later, if needed, you can easily rebrand your blog around whatever area of focus you’ve found.)

It might sound surprising, but choosing a very narrow specific focus upfront will actually make your life harder. I say this from experience:

I made this mistake in my first blog, and I regretted it:

Start with a more general personal blog & get more specific later.

Step 3. Sign up for your blog’s Wordpress hosting & free domain

Click here for your special $2.95/month rate on Bluehost & then click the “Get Started” button.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t get technical and anyone can do it. This part takes no more than about 10 minutes, and then we’ll get to exactly how to make you new blog successful.

You’ll need web hosting where you can have a “self-hosted Wordpress blog.”

A quick note about “free” Wordpress blogs: Yes, there are free blog sites out there.

It’s important that you don’t make the mistake of using them if you’re truly serious about your blog.

Here’s why you won’t be successful with a free blog:

  • You won’t actually have your own blog website online: it’s going to be something ugly like yourblog.wordpress.com instead of yourblog.com
  • You won’t really control your own blog content & someone else can turn you off at any time
  • You won’t have full control over how you make money with your blog

I use & recommend Bluehost’s Wordpress blog hosting . They’ll install self-hosted Wordpress instantly for you & even include a free domain name! (This usually costs $10-$20 elsewhere.)

  • They have amazing support via phone, email and chat. I personally love the chat option and they’re available 24/7
  • They’re really affordable: blog hosting costs less than a cup of coffee per month

I got Bluehost to give my readers a special discount! It’s normally $9.99/month, but if you click through my link, it’s only $2.95! That’s a 70% discount! I don’t know how long this will last.

Click here to open Bluehost in a new tab so that you can follow along with my steps. (This will be easiest on a computer, but a phone works too.)

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My guide includes some affiliate links where we earn a commission (at no cost to you) if products are purchased which helps support my blog.

You should now see my page on Bluehost with a special discounted price for my readers. (if not, Click Here .) I’ve included screenshots below of what you’ll see and I added big red arrows to show you exactly what to do.

Click the big “Host Your Site” button:

Next, you’ll see a page where you can select your plan. The “Basic” one is all that you need.

It’s perfect for someone who just wants to start their Blog in the most affordable way possible. I’ve only used the Basic plan & most Bloggers also use it.

Click the blue “Select” button on the “Basic” plan:


Next it’s time to choose a domain name: this is your Blog’s “address.”

(Normally a domain costs $10-$20 but Bluehost includes it for free & automatically handles a bunch of painful technical configuration for you behind the scenes.)

Choosing a domain name can be a little tough - many are already taken, but of course thousands are still available so you’ll definitely be able to find a good one.

It’s important that you don’t let the “perfect domain” block you from ever starting!

A few other quick ideas on choosing your domain:

  • Including your name is a good choice: SandraCooks.com or travelswithtammy.com
  • The end of the domain doesn’t matter much: .com is most common but tons of successful blogs use .co .blog .net etc.
  • I strongly believe you should choose a general domain so that you can experiment with your blog’s area of focus over time.

If your first choice is available, great! If it isn’t, try the same name with a different ending: .co .net .blog.

If that doesn’t work, just keep going until you find a good one that’s available. Don’t let this minor hurdle be your stopping point.

You can also wait until later by clicking the bottom blue link “I’ll create my domain later” It’s a little more complicated this way, but it does work and you can still get your free domain later.


On this screen, you’ll create your account by entering your name, address, and contact info: (Don’t worry, they’re not going to spam you.)


Next, you need to choose your “Account Plan” and “Package Extras.”

Honestly I think Bluehost makes this a bit too confusing, so here’s my short cut:

1. Look first at Package Extras below:

I recommend “unchecking” all of these to keep your blog as affordable as possible.

“Domain Privacy” is the only one I would consider. None of these extras are needed for a successful blog.

2. Now look at Account Plan:

I recommend the default “Basic 12 Month Price - $2.95/mo” which will total $35.40 for your first year.

If the total is more than $35.40, make sure all Extras are unchecked.


Enter your credit or debit card info next.

Bluehost has a great 30-day cancellation/return policy in case you change your mind later.

Prefer using PayPal? It’s a little bit hidden: Click the blue “more payment options” link and you’ll be able to check out with Paypal.

Be sure to check the checkbox before clicking the green “Submit” button.


Whew, you’ve finished the hardest part! There’s a few more screens to go, but they’re easy.

On the Welcome page, click the green “Set Password” button:


Here you’ll create a password for accessing your blog’s private area. Choose a password and enter it twice.

Make sure the checkbox is checked, and click the blue “Next” button:


Click the blue “log in” button:


Next you’ll choose your “Theme” - this is how your Blog will look and feel. You can easily change this later, so don’t stress about it now. “Astra” is a good choice.

Click on “Astra” or whichever one looks good to you.


Click the blue “Start Building” button:


➜ Congratulations, the most "technical" parts are done!

You’ve reached your new Wordpress Blog’s “Dashboard” - this is where you’ll write posts for your new blog!

Don’t worry if you haven’t used Wordpress before:

You’ll get familiar quickly and we’ll show you exactly how to publish your first post in the next step.


Haven’t started yet? Let’s dive in!

Click here to open Bluehost in a new tab so that you can follow along with this guide.

➜ Click Here for WorkFromBlog's Exclusive $2.95/Month Bluehost deal (70% off!)

After signing up on Bluehost,
Start Steps 4 - 7

If you haven’t started your Blog yet, feel free to explore these steps BUT come back here to start your blog.

Here are the next few steps to follow on the road towards a Blog that allows you to work from home!

Commit to reading & taking action on these one at a time. Some people will do one per week or month. Others will do 1 per day!

Anxious about your very first Blog post? Don’t be! Just follow our simple can’t-miss formula and you’ll have your first Blog post published before you know it!

Step 4 - Exactly How To Publish Your First Blog Post!

Starting a new blog post in Wordpress

Now you should be on your blog’s Wordpress private dashboard that looks like this. This is the private area that only you can access at bluehost.com.

(If you see your blog but can’t edit it, you’re probably in the public area of your blog! Go to bluehost.com and log in.)


Once you’re on your Blog’s Wordpress Dashboard, click Add New Post. Once you do this, you’ll reach Wordpress’s editor where you can create your first post!


Our easy first-post formula

Here’s our simple formula for the three paragraphs that should make up your first blog post!

Title: Welcome to [your Blog’s name]!

Paragraph 1: Hi, I’m [your name] and welcome to my new blog called [blog name]!

Next, you’ll write 2-3 sentences about why you started this blog to complete Paragraph 2.

Are you tempted to write a short novel here? Trust us & keep it to 2-3 sentences for now: Blog posts should be focused and respectful of the reader’s time.

Paragraph 2: I started this blog because…

Finally, you’ll write 2-3 sentences about your plans & ambitions for this blog in the third paragraph:

Paragraph 3: My goals for my new blog are…

This template approach might seem simplistic, but it’s actually a good idea for your future posts too: Write an outline first, and then fill in the details. This way, you’ll plan out the overall structure first, and it also feels like less work.

Using The Styling Tools In Wordpress

Wordpress gives you lots of control over how your blog posts look. You can use text styles like bold and italic easily, as well as add headlines.

Wordpress also lets you upload images to put in your blog posts.

Feel free to experiment with these now!

Previewing Your New Post

Wordpress allows you to preview what your blog post is going to look like for your readers before it’s live to everyone.

To do this, click the button called Preview Post. Now, a new tab will open that allows you to see how it will look to your readers. You can make any changes you want and Preview again.

Don’t forget that this preview is only visible to you. No one else who comes to your blog will be able to see it yet.

If you’re not ready to publish your post now, you can leave it in the Draft state by not doing anything else and it will be waiting for you when you come back!

Publishing Your First Post

When you’re happy with your first post, click the Publish Post button.

Now, your post is published publicly on your blog!

If you did this accidentally, you can “Unpublish” it by clicking by clicking Unpublish.

If you want to make any changes, you can edit your post and click Publish again.

Congrats! What’s next?

Congratulations on having your first post live! You can breathe a sigh of relief since the first one is always the most difficult.

Now, you can start to think about what’s next. Do you want to write a post each week? Or twice a month? Start to identify how often you want to post, and start to keep a list of post ideas.

Make sure to be realistic: Blogging is hard work, and posting every day is probably unrealistic.

Also keep in mind that you’ll need to devote time to building up your blog’s audience and this is probably more challenging and time-consuming that writing blog content.

Step 5 - Make it your own: Customizing your Blog’s look & feel

WordPress Themes

In this post, I’ll cover two great ways to customize the look & feel of your new Blog: WordPress Themes and adding a Logo or Brand.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A Wordpress Theme is a visual “template” for your blog. It has nothing to do with the contents of your blog: Instead, it’s more about the colors, fonts, and design that are applied to the posts you write.

Wordpress Themes allow normal non-designer people to have a beautiful blog! (You still have to do the writing part though!)

How do I find Themes?

Starting in your private Wordpress Dashboard, find the Appearance menu on the left side. Then click Themes on the sub-menu.

Here you’ll see whatever Theme you selected before. You might have a few others available.

You can also click the button titled “Wordpress.org Theme” to go see hundreds of other themes. All the themes here are free.

“Premium” (Paid) Themes

Many entrepreneurial bloggers and designers have started creating & selling “Premium” Wordpress themes. A good place to check is creativemarket.com

Are Premium themes better? Not necessarily. Our advice is to start with a free Theme, and begin to learn how it does and not work well for you. Read about some Premium themes and develop an opinion on whether or not it might be a good investment for you.

How do I change Themes?

Available Themes have a button to “Activate” them. Changing Themes will never affect your blog’s posts so it’s safe to try out a few themes before settling on one.

Customizing Your Blog Further

Beyond Themes, WordPress has countless other ways to customize your blog to meet your needs and make it your own.

A Blog Logo or Brand

One common starting point is creating a logo or brand for your Blog. Here are a few different ways to do it:

  • If you’re a good designer, you can try doing it yourself. canva.com is a good free tool.
  • There’s more and more free logo creation tools findable on Google
  • You can hire a designer on a site like fiverr.com to create a custom logo for you.

Is a logo necessary, and should you pay a lot for it? It’s definitely not necessary. What you say on your blog is more important than how it looks. It may make more sense to wait until later to pay for a professional logo.

How do I get my logo onto my blog?

Unfortunately this varies a lot by what Theme you’re using. A good place to start is the Appearance > Customize menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

What’s Next?

We’ve just scratched the surface of how you can make your blog your own with Themes and a Logo.

There are many other ways to customize WordPress, and Google is your friend to learn more about these.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that what you write on your blog is more important than it looking perfect.

Step 6 - Earning your first $1000 on your Blog

Lots of people start blogs for fun. Some of those end up making money, but most don’t.

If your goal is to start a blog in order to make an income, it’s important to approach your blog like a business and like a job. (That’s not to say that it can’t be fun too!)

There’s really only 5 main ways that blogs earn money. You’ll want to understand each of these, and decide which one will be your focus. (I do recommend choosing ONE initially and working very hard to accomplish it.)

I’ve organized this into the 3 methods we recommend, and 2 more that we think are challenging for most first-time bloggers.

Three ways we do recommend for first-time bloggers:

1. Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate Marketing” sounds complicated, but the idea is quite simple. You recommend or review products on your blog, and include a link to a product or company. That link is unique to you. When your reader buyers something by clicking that link, you earn a commission.

This is one of the most common ways for Bloggers to earn money, and you’ve almost certainly read a blog post that makes money via Affiliate Marketing even if you haven’t realized it. As you read more blogs, see if you can find the ones that are probably earning money via Affiliate Marketing.

It’s a good choice for newer bloggers because you can make a lot of money with a small targeted audience via Affiliate Marketing.

Here are a few examples:

  • If you have a food blog, you can write recipes or review cookbooks. You can link to cookbooks or cooking equipment on Amazon and earn a commission whenever your reader buys something.
  • If you’re a travel blogger, you can write about your past travels and earn a commission by linking to Airbnb or a tickets/hotels search site
  • If you’re a photo blogger, you can write photo equipment reviews or write about what gear you used to take an amazing photo, and earn money by linking to an online retailer that sells the gear that you recommend.

Do you see the pattern? Affiliate Marketing works by harnessing the trust your readers have in you and translating it into purchases where you earn money.

Naturally, an authentic relationship between you and your audience is key to the success of affiliate marketing.

2. Selling your own products on your blog

Selling your own products on your Blog is also good way to make money. It’s a similar skillset to Affiliate Marketing.

Some people may already have a product where this makes sense:

  • Photographers can sell photos
  • Writers can sell books

If you don’t already have a product to sell, start to think about what knowledge or skills you have.

Also, start to look more closely at what other bloggers are selling for ideas & inspiration.

3. Bringing more customers to a business that you already have

Some people already have a business that needs more customers and a blog can be a great way to find them. This of course works best if you already have this type of business.

Here are a few examples:

  • A freelance photographer might use their blog to get new portrait or travel photography gigs
  • A travel writer might use their blog to get new travel writing gigs
  • A freelance web designer might use their blog to get new web design clients.

Two ways we DON’T recommend for first-time bloggers:

1. Selling advertising on your blog

Most beginners believe that Bloggers make their money through advertising. It is true that large blogs with a wide readership can sell ads and make a good amount of money.

For a first-time blogger, it’s more difficult: Making a large amount of money via advertising requires each of your posts to be seen by thousands of people.

It’s certainly fine to aspire to selling advertising on your site. This means that you’ll need to work extra hard to build an audience. We cover the main ways to build an audience for your blog in another post.

2. Sponsored posts

Sponsored Posts are where a sponsor company will pay a blogger to write a post about a product or service.

This is one of bigger sources of income for established bloggers: Companies are willing to pay for sponsored posts in order to access the audience of a blog and the relationship that the Blog’s creator has with that audience. The trust between the blog’s creator and their audience will help sell more of the sponsor’s product or service.

Like advertising, Sponsored Posts are a challenge for newer bloggers, because you’ll essentially need an engaged audience before a company will be excited to work with you. As with Advertising, you’ll need to make building an audience a top priority if Sponsored Posts are your goal.

Next steps

Now that you have an overview of the various ways that blogs make money, which of these is right for you?

It’s certainly fine to blog just for fun, but it’s important to realize that approaching your blog without a specific business strategy is much less likely to earn much money.

Step 7 - Building An Audience For Your Blog

I wish it was as simple as just writing blog posts and then the right audience (and a stack of dollars!) just pour in. The reality isn’t that simple. Most successful bloggers spend more of their time on promoting their blogs and building an audience than actually writing on their blog!

On my first blog, I made the mistake of not building an audience. That didn’t really work and no one saw the posts that I put so much work into!

Here are the Top 6 ways to build a blog audience that worked for me:

1. Sharing your blog posts with friends & family

When you first start out, your friends and family are your perfect first readers!

Get out the word in as many ways as you can:

  • Tell people when you see them in-person that you’ve started a blog and would be excited for them to check it out.
  • Write an email to friends & family whenever you publish a new blog post
  • Post on your social media platforms whenever you have a new post: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Of course you’ll want to expand your audience beyond friends and family eventually, they’re a great resource and can give you candid feedback that can help you out!

2. Networking with other Bloggers and Guest-Posting

Another great means of building an audience is by building community with other bloggers, especially those who are more established and already have an audience.

You’ll also want to focus on bloggers whose audience is similar to the one you’re planning on building. To give an extreme example, your friend’s Auto Repair blog is probably not going to have the right audience if your blog focuses on Parenting!

While more established bloggers are generally supportive of newer bloggers and usually have a deep sense empathy since they were once exactly in your shoes, they are unlikely to just hand over their audience completely to you. Here’s a few tactics that can work:

  • Leaving comments on other Blogs It’s true that many blogs allow you to leave a comment with a link back to your blog and this can drive a lot of traffic. That said, it’s very important that you truly become a part of the community of that blog and leave helpful comments. Quick spam comments won’t be shown and will make an enemy instead than a friend of that Blogger
  • Encouraging a Blogger to link to your blog It’s possible to write a post and then reach out to the blogger and see if they’ll link to it. Put yourself in their shoes and understand that this only works if your content is truly useful for that blog’s audience.
  • Writing a guest post on other blogs A better strategy is writing a “Guest Post”, and here’s how it works: You can reach out to another Blogger and ask if they’d be willing to accept a Guest Post. Most bloggers will accept these since it can provide great content for their readers while saving them time. They will want to double-check that you’re a legitimate blogger and know what you’re talking about. You can write a post for them and include a link back to your site. Most likely this link should be towards the bottom of your Guest Post.

3. Being found on Google: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google search loves Bloggers and, with some work, your blog content can be found on Google! Some bloggers who have really figured out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can get hundreds or thousands of free visitors daily.

On one hand, SEO is easy: Search engines like Google favor content that solves problems that people are searching for. If your blog post solves a problem, it’s likely to get traffic from Google and other search engines. For example, if someone is searching for “Chicken pot pie recipes” and you’ve written a blog post on your family secret chick pot pie recipe with lots of details and photos, it makes sense for Google to send that searcher to your blog.

On the other hand, SEO traffic from Google takes a while: Most blogs won’t get traffic from Google for 60-90 days after they start. In addition, SEO is sort of a black box and sometimes it’s difficult to know how to rank.

A few more things to research include:

  • Some bloggers use “Keyword Research Tools” to understand what people are searching for on Google, and to tailor their blog content to fit this
  • Competition is another important factor, and newer bloggers will want to aim for topics with less competition with other sites and blogs. As you might imagine, it’s much harder to convince Google to show your post about “Chicken recipes” than a much more focused post on “Best keto chicken recipes for kids”

4. Building an audience on Pinterest

Pinterest is truly a miracle for many bloggers. There’s a symbiotic relationship between Pinterest and Bloggers: Pinterest is always looking for new, amazing blog content to put in front of their users and you can fairly easily become one of these Bloggers.

A detailed guide to promoting your blog on Pinterest is too big for the scope of this post, but here’s the high level: Once you write a blog post, you’ll then need to “Pin it” on Pinterest. This will require creating an image for it, and giving it a good title that will bring in the right Pinners on Pinterest. You can build up “Followers” on Pinterest who will look forward to your new Pins. Some Pins will go viral on Pinterest and be seen by thousands of people!

5. Building an email list

Many bloggers build an email list of their readers. It’s a mutually-beneficial relationship: You want a pool of people who you can directly tell to go read your new blog content. Highly-engaged readers with an interest in what you blog about will be happy to hear from you.

In a future post, I’ll go into more detail about how to turn your blog readers into email subscribers, and exactly how to email those subscribers in ways that benefit both you and them.

6. Buying traffic to your blog

Last, some bloggers have success in buying traffic for their blogs. This allows great scale and for a new blog to grow quickly. It’s also dangerous in the sense that you need to have a good plan for how to use this traffic. Before buying any traffic, you’ll want to have a good plan for why you’re doing it.

This is not the right first step for most new Bloggers. Keep it mind for later. Also, when seeing other more established blogs with huge amounts of traffic, engagements, and comments: keep in mind that many of them are buying traffic and not building it organically/free.

Next steps

Now that you know about the 6 main ways of building an audience for your blog, which one or which ones seem like a good fit to you?

If this seems annoying, keep in mind that literally every single successful blog had to invest in one or more of these audience tactics in order to become successful.

Thank you!

Thanks again for following my guide, and also for investing in yourself!

Feel free to reach out if you have any trouble, or also consider checking with Bluehost’s amazing support via online chat or by phone.

Please also consider joining the thousands of people who’ve shared this guide on Pinterest:

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Please leave us & other readers a comment or success story!

Mamameginspires - March 17, 2021

Thank you so much for the help! I’m just now starting my blog so this info helped tremendously!

WorkFromBlog replied Congrats, Meg! Best of fortune with your new blog!

Cariema - March 16, 2021

This blog was so helpful to me. I started my blog the day after Christmas and OMG it's doing so bad. LOL but... Im working on it day in and day out. Truly thank you so much for this information and insight. I will defiantly be using most if not all of your advice! Keep them coming your awesome!!!

WorkFromBlog replied Hi Cariema, thanks for your note. Be sure to review my section on building an audience for your blog: for better or worse, writing is the easiest part of blogging. Building an audience is challenging but critical!

Nana - March 12, 2021

Wow. Well broken down. Loved the simplicity. Am overthinking my niche. Tnx for the tip. Also what blog name to use....thanks for making it simple to understand. 3.12.21. Ill gearing up to start.

WorkFromBlog replied Thank you, Nana! Yes, don't overthink either niche or name. Commitment and building an audience are both more important to your success. Cheers!

Sekinah - Feb 8, 2021

Great info! I've researched tons of articles on starting a blog & like another person said, I like that you said don't narrow into a niche. I also like your first blog post template & will definitely use this when I launch. Now onto starting the blog & stop overthinking it. Thanks for the great info.

WorkFromBlog replied Thanks, Sekinah! Glad you agree - keep me posted on your new blog!!

Alexa - Jan 15, 2021

I really love that you said what no other blogger says: to NOT start with a narrow niche! This is so true. I went with my instincts and went against all previous advice about only having “one niche” when I noticed bigger bloggers writing about all sorts of things anyway and being successful. So now my focus is “personal development” however that includes productivity, lifestyle, and mental health! I do feel that this blog post focused a little too much on Blue Host and the title doesn’t really reflect that being the bulk of the content here. But other than that, loved the advice.

WorkFromBlog replied Thanks, Alexa! Your new blog sounds great. Make sure you don't miss Steps 4-7 where I cover writing your first post, making money, and building an audience in 3000 words + screenshots: Whew!

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You made starting a blog so simple. Thank you.

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WorkFromBlog replied So glad to help, Monica, and congratulations on starting starting your new blog!

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I would like to do a blog on Education that helps teachers, parents etc. get information but not have a lot of my writing, rather just places to get info and programs. I would love for this blog to also create an income. Thoughts??? Is this possible? Is this what a blog could be about ?

WorkFromBlog replied Hi Rhonda! Really any topic that people want to read about can be a great topic for your blog. In terms of whether you can make money from it, check out Step 6 where I describe the 5 main ways that blogs earn money.

Omairable - Jan 22, 2021

This was so helpful! I just started my blog at omairable.com and I'm definitely going to use these tips to help my blog grow. I was confused about affiliate marketing, so thank you for explaining it in your post! So helpful! x

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Alicia - March 23, 2021

Thanks for the information will save on Pinterest for when I’m ready! I’m interested in blogging but we will see! I don’t know if I’m interesting enough! Lol

WorkFromBlog replied Hi Alicia! Thanks for the comment. One of the secrets to a successful blog is to write with intention. Everyone's lives have relevant storie that others can learn from. Cheers!

Coulter - March 29, 2021

Great content. I already have a WordPress site and domain. But it has Sat there for a year with nothing because when Covid hit all my plans for a business went out the window. So circling back after a year to blog with affiliate links. One thing I didn't see in your suggestions is how to set up the affiliate link. Is this Automatically created through WordPress? And is there more to affiliate link other than Amazon? Thanks for your help!

WorkFromBlog replied Hi Coulter, great question: I don't cover the specifics of affiliate links becuase, unfortunately, it tends to vary widely. In most cases, you can ask an Affiliate Manager for help creating the right link, or simply search for someone's blog post that walks you through it. I wish I had a better answer, but it's generally easy once you've done it a few times!

Shelley F - April 6, 2021

I am so thrilled that since the Pandemic Quarantine that blogs are now providing so much more info on how to set up my blog, how to reach out after finding my niche,band amazing blog Writers like you are doing it with a distinct flare that as I have looked into Blogging for over the past 3 or so years and was frilustrated at my insecurity in getting through the process of writing a blog that would be productive, with an audience that became my readers to help. I no longer feel the fear of writing and Developing a black g,. I feel a new confidence and it's because amazing teachers that are sharing your own personal experiences with hasgiven me the tools to do the research, the desire to succeed and the hunger to share my knowledge wit h my own audience as my blog developed and grows. Thank you sharing your knowledge and giving me a wonderful gift.

WorkFromBlog replied Shelley, thank you for your kind comment! I'm so glad I've been able to help you (and many others too).

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